My life has been rich in diversity. I was born and raised in Chicago - city and suburbs. I spent every summer on my father's cranberry bog in Northern Wisconsin. My mother was a socialite, my father a

farmer. They were both fine people. 

     Since those early years have lived on both coasts and in two foreign countries. I am well traveled. I have always devoted myself to voluntary work, even while teaching high school chemistry. I have two children by my first husband, David Jeffery. Ken, my second husband, is British. Together we have four grandchildren.
       So why did I start writing after age 68?  Perhaps it was because I was often living in a new place, having to make new friends, and was more concerned with assimilation than relating past experiences. There’s another reason. I am a slow reader. In school I only excelled in math and the sciences, although I was equally interested in history and literature. I never imagined that I would be a writer of novels. Once retired however, I had the time to write and make up stories. I love doing just that. I am past the age of worrying about whether I receive acclaim.  I certainly have the stamina, focus, and inspiration.  My fifth novel is already in the works. It will be set in Germany.

My husband says I should skip the biography and explain why I started writing at age 68.